Some researchers claim that yes, there is evidence of reincarnation. The concept of reincarnation returns in all cultures throughout human history. Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, the Aztecs were convinced by the migration of the soul from one body to another after death.
This concept underlies Hinduism. It is not surprising the idea that we can live after death in another body, possibly the opposite sex or embodying a particular life situation. Several researchers have come up with evidence to support this theory, which we present below.

Hypnotic regression

The practice through reaches past lives is controversial. The best known case is that of Ruth Simmons who in 1952 undergo hypnosis. She began talking about a previous life, lived in the nineteenth century in Belfast, time in which she was called Bridey Murphy.
Was searched in the archive of Belfast and found a person by that name, who lived at the time described by Ruth. She mentioned the names of two groceries where she shopped. Documents of the time talking about the two grocery stores, groceries that were identical to those mentioned by Ruth.

Diseases and physical suffering

There are researchers who claim that these diseases can come from a previous life. Is famous the case of a patient complaining of acute back pain. Subjected to hypnosis, he said that in a previous life died falling from the floor fracturing the spine. Dexter therapist talks about these cases with great influence from psychosocial behavior.

Phobias and nightmares

Fear of heights, water or little things. Where do phobias come from? Many people have understood and treated these phobias through the dreams they had, where they were subjects of these stories of other lives they had. Are famous the cases where claustrophobia was treated by hypnosis.



Jeffrey Keene issue an exciting theory. A human looks a lot like the one who hosted the soul in a previous life. He claimed to be the reincarnation of General Gordon, who died in 1904. The physical and behavioral similarities are obvious. Artist Peter Teekamp claims to be the reincarnation of Paul Gaguin. Both are painters and physical similarities are also obvious.

Spontaneous memories and special knowledge

Many children claim to remember previous lives. Suddenly remember about a social life they wouldn’t know it, since the young age and inaccessible information in this regard. There are cases where they speak a language completely foreign to their parents. It’s known the case of a 18 months girl that while her mother bathed her, she started talking about a monastery and events that occurred there.
Another case is that of a kid named Tommy. He began to sew a button with high precision, claiming that in the past, being always on the sea, he had to do this work very often.


We are talking about a child born in India, that was telling very precise stories about another child who had died some time ago. The child’s deceased parents confirmed what the little one was telling. Moreover, specialists have undergone him a test and found that his writing was identical to that of the deceased child.

Birthmarks and birth defects

Dr. Stevenson, University of Virginia, conducted a test on 800 people with birthmarks or birth defects. Undergoing hypnosis, 300 of them said that in a previous life had accidents that led to such signs or malformations. Signs or malformations were exactly in the area where the wounds produced.

It’s famous the case of a child who was born many years after his father’s brother died in an accident. He suffered some very large head injuries . After years, this baby is born, which is found on the scalp scarring of wounds similar to those of his uncle. What should we do? To inquire or to remember?

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