Sliding Closet Doors

Sliding Closet Doors



Whenever you walk-in closet, which is longer and is spacious, you may think of about installing sliding closet door. A sliding closet door bestows style and grace to any room where it is established. Sliding doors of high-quality have silent rails and a check system so the door doesn’t slam with force and strength. It should slide silently and easily into place each time, you close the doors. When you are shopping for sliding closet door, you will encounter many styles you may want to think about for the room where you want to install it. A small room will do well too greatly from mirrored sliding closet door. Floor to ceiling mirrors make a room seem twice as large as it really is. An added do good to mirrored sliding closet door is you will be able to see yourself from every angle when you are dressing to go out.

There are several different types of sliding doors available, including:

  • Pocket doors
    These are sliding doors that disappear into a compartment or “pocket” when it is fully opened. Commonly, these pockets are located within a wall.
  • Bypass doors
    Commonly seen on wardrobes, these are sliding doors that slide behind one another when they are opened. With this type of door, you cannot fully open the door as one door “panel” will always be in place.
  • Sliding French doors
    When you think of French doors, you think of doors that swing open but there is now a type of French door where it slides open instead, saving space while still giving you the look of traditional French doors.
  • Shoji screens 
    This is a type of sliding door that is made using wood and translucent paper. They are ideal if you want the traditional Asian look.
  • Patio sliding doors 
    These are the standard sliding doors that open onto an outside area of the home, and are commonly made using aluminum and glass, or timber and glass.
  • Standard sliding doors 
    These are sliding doors where the door will slide over part of the wall once it is opened. They are a great budget option as you do not have to create the pocket but you do see all of the sliding mechanisms.
  • Louvered sliding doors
    These are sliding doors that use splines or shutters in their design.

If mirrored sliding closet door isn’t for you, you can look at frosted or smoked sliding closet door. These will give a unique and fresh look to any room in your house. You may opt for a wooden sliding closet door. You can get a wooden sliding closet door in a solid wood, paneled wood, or louvered. It all depends upon the look you are striving for in the room you are thinking of installing sliding closet door. Keep in mind that sliding closet door is not an expense to take lightly. Your sliding closet door should be with you for many years to come. When you are comparison-shopping, use all the tools you have at your disposal such as the internet, catalogs, and brochure. When you shop for sliding closet door on the internet, you will have a numerous of choices as to styles and price ranges.

Be sure you see the types of doors you want by going and looking at your choices at a local home store in your area. You can decide the style you want at the store, and then search for it online to see if you can get a better price for sliding closet door than you were offered at the store.


In modern times one the best additional things that have become parts of our homes are: sliding doors. Earlier the door used were made of hard wood, but the problem was that these didn’t last long and weren’t strong enough. The sliding systems are not only stronger, but give better lighting to your home. The sliders are very common in sliding closet doors. Whether it’s a sliding door for your house or veranda it benefits you either way. Let’s focus on the two types of sliding doors you generally see together in the backside of your house.

UPVC sliding doors: The unplasticised polyvinyl chlorides are a type of sliding glass doors that are more frequently used today. The UPVC material benefits over other materials. The UPVC is:

  • Good in terms of quality, durability.
  • More cost effective option when compared to the metal.
  • Provides better insulation in the event of electrical fault or dangerous lightening strikes.
  • Is available in multiple colors and laminates.
  • An awesome way to enhance the architectural beauty and value of a place.
  • Or can be implied with excellent seals which ensure that dust particles, insects, noise, and polluted air are kept to a minimum in a building.
  •  Resistant to whether and has no maintenance requirements except cleaning with water.
  • Does not allow for those bumpy and ear stabbing sounds made by metal windows when sliding and don’t come apart because they are joined by welding.
  • Robust and chemically resistive. With these properties it can last almost fifty years.

What is so good about these sliding doors are, they have double glazing glass that help insulate the hot air trying to get in. This gives the house more of a natural lighting rather that extra heating you don’t want. With a strong bolt on the handles, it enhances the security of your home. These doors are very tough to break into because of the bolt. Breaking the glass may be the only option, but it will make too much noise. So having a durable glass door like this will reduce the chances of someone wanting to break in from that way. Also, this door is that they are easy to clean and maintain. The old wooden door over time will snap and even the wood degenerates due to harsh circumstances. With these UPVC backyard doors, you don’t have to worry about anything like this.


The sliding screen doors are also a useful item for both business and homes. Not only does it append an exclusive design to the house, it also keeps insects from getting into your home. On a nice cool day, you want to freshen the house by opening windows in front and back of the house. This way inside your home doesn’t feel warm, which many people will turn on the fan or air conditioner. Why waste money on electricity bill when you can let in the cool breeze?

To conclude the sliding doors have proved to be a boon. It can be also used in sliding closet doors in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, laundry room or the study room.


Sliding closet doors is a guide to slope through with style. These doors have become style icons of our home with abundant availability in smart shapes, color and styles.  These sliding closet doors put a wow factor in no time.  These smart doors are very good in making illusion of wall but door.  They can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, guest rooms, spare rooms.

Imagine a situation that your wardrobe is messy and a guest happens to pop over. These doors become savior in such embarrassing situation. It provides a great and quick way to hide a messy wardrobe. When used in kitchen helps one to cover the shelves which need not be visible but readily available and accessible. We all know kitchens are full of articles which need be visible all the time.

These articles can be easily covered with the sliding closet doors. These doors not only solve the purpose, also adds beauty to the purpose. This sliding door lets you easily hide the half of the shelves that we need not see, while still allowing them to be quickly accessible. One can always take the sliding door all the way to

the ceiling. It creates an illusion of creative wall piece. This wall piece serves as a passage to the home mates, whereas a décor to spectators. Regardless of where you’re headed through sliding doors, it doesn’t hurt make the experience worthwhile. The addition of sliding closet doors in passage without any type of door brings out a wonderful visual interest. This addition undoubtedly brings the charm to the passage way.

These doors are always helpful in hiding the secret areas. Be it private room, business area, gym or any other area. It makes an illusion of wall to the spectators. This is a clever use of this space in more than a few ways.  It would help to bunk beds in little niche for more sleeping area. Not only did the designer stick bunk beds in this little niche for more sleeping space in comparison to a typical door would open into the tight hallway, obstructing the space (and resulting in many a stubbed toe in the night). With the chosen door you can give the room or the area feel you want to! The sliders are an awesome way to bring partition to the kitchen and dining areas. This door is an easy solution to hiding preparation activity in the kitchen while entertaining a dinner party in the dining room.

Not only the doors, can the windows also be implanted with the sliders to complement it with your doors. By mirroring the sliding door above, it lengthens the wall and in effect makes the ceiling look even higher. This mid-door tracking is the perfect solution, and its silver finish actually matches the look and feel of the bathroom. The chalkboard sliders could be fun for children. They’re fun for the kids, a great place to jot notes on the fly, and easy to clean.


The sliding closet doors have become a style statement these days. These are perfect combination of functionality with the style. No wonder everyone loves these doors with the array of functions it fulfills. Ever wondered how this closet door actually works. Let’s begin with the description and the definition.


As the name itself implies, it is door which opens horizontally by sliding. It is either mounted on or suspended from a track. There are multiple varieties of sliding doors. These commonly include pocket doors, Arcadia doors, and bypass doors. The common use of these doors is for shower doors, screen doors, and wardrobe doors.


The sliding closet doors provide super space solution. It makes your doors look attractive and economical. It is a right combo of style and function.


The sliding door gear is the mechanism behind these amazing slide portals. The mechanism enables the door to operate in a desired slider way. There are primarily two standard classifications for afore mentioned mechanism. They are top hung rolling systems and bottom rolling systems.

1.     Bottom rolling systems:

This type is often used when the other one fails.  The bottom rolling systems are strongly suggested when the top hung system are not capable enough to handle the weight from above. A track and a guide channel are inserted at the top and bottom respectively of the door. The slide of the door is supported by the two rollers running in the track at the bottom and the two guides running in guide channel. The weight of the door is carried by the mortised rollers running on bottom track. This type of system is often favored or external application as weatherproofing. The bottom rolling systems are primarily applied to medium duty internal partitions, heavy duty cupboard doors, timber patio doors and windows. The bottom rollers could be of steel, zinc plated nylon, etc.

2.     Top hung rolling systems:

This rolling system is widely and most commonly used.  A pair of trolley hangers at the top and guides is used at the bottom. The door is hung by two trolley hangers at the top of the door running in a covered track. The doors are easy to move when compared to rolling systems, as all the weight is taken by the hangers. To hold the door in open or closed position a trackers at each end is installed. These trackers absorb any impact made if the door is slammed.  The guide at the bottom helps the door from swinging sideways. A number of examples of free standing top hung sliding closet door can be seen on several websites. The mechanisms are safe and the bottoms of the doors are held in place on tracks. The rollers also have safety locks that prevent the doors from jumping of the tracks. Additional features such as soft closers or dampeners can be added to further add to the feel and usability of these products.  Top Hung Sliding door system offers multiple configurations including bi-parting, table-side (multi-panel) and single slide. Interior and exterior mounting is available to meet any design specifications.


closet is a small and enclosed space, a cabinet, or a cupboard in a house or building used for general storage or hanging clothes. These cabinets are readily available in kitchens, bed rooms, dressing rooms, bars, study rooms or bathrooms. Modern closets can be built into the walls of the house during construction so that they take up no apparent space in the bedroom.

Thereby the closets are haven of storage spaces helping us to stay organized and civil. These are of utmost importance. The doors of the closets are just like business cards putting impression to the outside world. Nobody is aware what are behind the doors the rags or the riches, but if it beautiful enough nobody would be bothered. Rather it will make an impressive impression.

As of modern days the sliding doors are pretty common. They are used everywhere be it homes, shops, restaurant, clubs, malls, cinemas, etc. nevertheless they can be used in your bedroom with your closet. The sliding closet doors make your room look spacious. But the question is how to install sliding door closet. I am pretty sure this installation guide will help you through.

Follow these simple guidelines to get the perfect fit for your sliding wardrobe doors.

1    Measurement of height.

It is of utmost importance to know the exact dimensions before ordering the sliding closet door. It is recommended to make use of spirit level to check floor and ceiling levels. It is important to level them both because it not leveled the door would slide unintentionally. The sliding wardrobe system is bottom rolling, using ball bearing bottom rollers with twin wheel top guides. There is no load bearing on the ceiling. Measurement should be carried from three places to confirm the height. Measure the extreme ends and the center. The fault tolerance accepted is up to 15mm. The use of smallest measuring units is suggested as minimum fault or error in dimensions will be encountered.

2    Measurement of the width.

The spirit level shall be made used off check the bows or the curve in the walls.  The skirting often hinders the door installations. The skirting is the strip of wood that sit in the corner made by the floor and the wall. They are there to protect the bottom of the wall against being damaged by brooms vacs and mops.

3    Measure wall to end panel.

Measure wall to end panel measure the dimension from the inner wall to the outside position for the proposed end panel, measurement from wall to wall panel is must. When wall to wall measurement can’t be done because of the door obstruction than consider wall to end panels.

4    Measure end to end panel.

To measure end to end panel from outside points of both end panels.

Key points to remember

When measuring do not settle for the thickness of strike plates, liners or end panels. If these items have been included in the order, we will automatically calculate the correct width of the aperture. However, if you are installing your own liners to level up the aperture you must measure the aperture within your installed sections and as you will not be including strike plates, liner or end panels within the order we will not reduce the measurements.


From my point of view, sliding doors are really awesome; these doors swing no inwards or outwards.  No wonder people are opting for these wonderful options as they save loads of space. The only drawback they have is that, I cannot see my entire closet all at once. My little knowledge on this subject can help you through. I have personally surveyed loads of shops, website before installing these super awesome sliding closet doors in my home.

These are two types of two sliding systems for doors:

  • Bottom rolling: The bottom rolling systems are used for doors that made of heavy materials like metal or wood. These doors are a bit harder to open or close and require extra effort.
  • Top rolling system: The top rolling systems are used for doors that are made of lighter materials like melamine, light weight wood, etc. These are easier to open or close when compared to the bottom rolling systems.

Further, the mirrored exteriors for sliding doors are a wonderful option. These reflect a ton of light in your room, make your room seem bigger and give you an enormous full length mirror for dressing in front of each morning.  This mirrored sliding door gives you full length dressing mirror, what else a girl or a lady needs. My survey has everything for everyone, if you find the whole length mirrored door hideous, you can opt for colored frames, galvanized mirrors, etc. These will them a foggy and a muted look. This galvanized thing helps in changing the appearance dramatically. Otherwise the option for large sheer curtains or blinds is always open. There are multiple patterns available in market, be it geometrical, graphical, and cartoonic. There is another way to cover the full length glass. You can opt for stencils or the privacy films, in this way the mirror will reflect from beneath the fabric in a subtle and elegant way.

 There are multiple types of sliding closet doors available:

  • Pocket type: These doors slide into the space designed in the wall.
  • Arcadian type: These doors are primarily of glass and are of rectangular shape. It is best suited for verandah or the backyard door.
  • Bypass type: This door type is best suited for closets or cabinets. They open the full width frame.
  • Sonji: This type of door is made of translucent wood or paper. They origin of this classification is Japan.
  • French type: The origin of this type is France. French doors have multiple panes of glass and were originally designed with a hinge.

Also I want to share that these doors are more secure and resistant when compared to basic doors.  There locks available for child proofing, automated security systems, single bolt locks, double bolt locks, center lock or the bottom locks. These locking system are very easy to install. It protects your family and gives you total peace of mind by securing your sliding glass door in your home or apartment with a patented double-bolt locking mechanism.


Everyone desires a beautiful home. Bringing beauty to your house not only makes it look good but gives immense happiness to you. Imagine those compliments given by people makes you feel pride about your home and choice. In merely 5 minutes this article can help you add looks to your house. This can be your simple yet successful guide with important piece of information. Sliding closet door kits come complete with everything included: top and bottom tracks, sliding doors and rolling mechanisms. So, design your sliding closet doors in 5 easy steps.

  •  STEP 1: Select the sliding door design you require.

The sliding closet doors are best solution for built in closets.  Designing your dream sliding closets is easy, just choose your sliding door design and then select from a range of mirrored closet doors, colored glass closet doors, frosted closet doors and wood panel closet doors. The mirrored closet door does not only make your area look spacious and big but only help to reflect light. They are available in a variety of finishes including wood effects to match our modular furniture ranges so you can mix and match. The colored glass sliding closet doors adds color to your room. The mix n match of the colors and establishing patterns can add a wow factor to your closet and room. The colors could be red, metallic grey, burgundy, pastel or any other of your choice.

  •  STEP 2: Select the no. of doors.

It is all up to you, the number of doors you want to install. Be it 2, 3, 4 or 5 all your choice. It could b full panel , 2 panel equal split, 3 panel equal split, 4 panel equal split, 5 panel equal split, 3 panel narrow band or 3 panel wide band sliding closet door.

  •  STEP 3: Chose the sliding door frame color.

These are variety of designs and panels available in market. The panel color range includes all the colors from 000 to FFF bitmap. The color selection depends on your choice only. The frames are also available in three type’s aluminum, steel and wooden. Depending on the type of décor used in your home and room you could use any. The aluminum frames are available in metallic and plain colors and commonly used in damp areas of kitchens or bathrooms. The double sided aluminum could be used for room divisions. The steel frames are available in metallic, plain and wood grains. They are a lot less cheap when compared to aluminum frames.

  •  STEP 4: Chose the sliding door color or panel.

There two options for door color. You can either select for glass panel colors or wood panel colors. Some of the colors in glass panel category are: white, red, metallic grey, beige, pink, etc. Some of the colors in wood panel category are: white ash, walnut, beach, oak, maple, etc.

  •  STEP 5: Measurements of the space.

You must ensure proper measurements of the area before the installation of the door.


Sliding closet doors offer a large number of benefits, when compared to other available closet doors. Be it home décor to improve the look-how of your room, protection of your treasures against theft or damage, provision safety and guard of your loved one, a closet sliding doors are the combination all the above. It provides one time solution to all the jobs discussed above.

It can be subject of personal style for many people and for some it may bring out utmost use. Gone are the days, when you used to compromise home décor at the hands of boring, dull and basic doors. Now a day we can use beautiful sliding portal instead. They are available in variety of styles to complement your décor, add to appearance of any room and add charm to it. One should definitely consider the Sliding Closet Doors to make an attractive yet functional décor piece. When compared to the basic and dull doors, the sliding doors are easy to maintain. Though they are complicated, yet a little or very less effort is often required. A traditional door needs periodic sanding with sandpaper. The sanding is followed by painting or staining whatever is required or choice. Following the painting is varnish for marks and scuff repairs. With these three tasks additional time is also required to allow the door to stand each job performed. Whereas can be easily washed with a simple cleaning solution. These are resistive to marks and scuffs.

Everyone hates the banging noise made by the basic door. Each time some smashes the door in anger a loud noise is made which is very annoying. These have characteristic yet annoying feature of flap down shut and pinching fingers. Whereas the open and close process is sound proof. It does not make any kind of irritating or agitating noise. The flaps down shut noise have disturbed many during their study time, sleep or a normal phone call. This was the sliding portal aids peace. They just slide quietly and softly. A typical basic door opens in two directions making use of ample of space. When it comes to efficient and intelligent use of space the sliding portal is an investment. The bulky looks of the basic mirror makes your space look smaller to the actual size. Whereas using the sliding doors one can add illusion of larger spaces.

The basic doors are either made up of metal or wood. Both the materials do not let light pass through them. Whereas with the glass Sliding Closet Doors offer much more light and during the summers, you can open them and have the screen door open for a night breeze to save on air conditioning they are fairly quiet and look nice the downer is you have to buy blinds and curtains. Sliding doors especially of transparent glass materials adds beauty to use for rooms partition between the living room and dining room. Different designs of sliding doors are available probably at the hardware nearest you or you could have a made to order for delivery right at your door step.

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