Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry Room Cabinets



The laundry room cabinets or the so called functional storage makes the task of laundry a bit more easy and convenient. The functional storage above and/ or adjacent to your drier or washer makes the area look tidy, organized, sophisticated and grooved.

Not only makes a defined area for clothes, also for storing detergents, bleaching agents, and many more items related to the chore of laundry. It simply says a bye to the large floor baskets causing in convenience and trouble.

Installation of these awesome laundry room cabinets is an easy task with proper measurements and right hand tools at your end. It is more or less like a child’s play. By just following the simple instructions mentioned below you could just have it all in your laundry room:

  •  Taking the dimensions of the area above and next to the dryer and washer is the first and foremost job. The dimensions include the width and the height of the wall space. After the dimensions are taken, you need to match these dimensions to all the laundry room cabinets available at the stores or the supply store.  Also, there is a need to keep in mind the cabinet unit should very well match the decor of the room.
  • For a well defined laundry room, one may need efficient floor cabinetry as well. So, you might take the dimensions of the floor area around the dryer and washer too. Floor cabinetry brings out extra storage space for laundry supplies, laundry baskets and other domestic cleaning items. Floor cabinetry also proposes the ease of work surface space for sorting and folding laundry.
  • The next step to follow up would be, to mark the height consent of the space between the units and the cabinets on the wall.  This step is required to match up the bottom edge of the cabinet.
  •  The stud finder could be used to locate the wall studs. Highlight the wall studs with the pencil. The highlighted area could be taken care of, when settling the laundry room cabinet. Thereafter position the wall cabinetry over the dryer and washer at the marked height consent.
  • Finally fix the wall cabinet at the positioned area. The screws could be lined up with the highlighted stud marks. The use of wall studs eliminates the need for wall anchors. Next comes, the assembly of shelves and the door.  If, the doors and the shelves are not per-assembled, you need to screw them manually. Line up the floor cabinetwork to the washer and dryer units. If there is enough space, you can install cabinetry on both sides.
  • Last but not the least check or analyze the levels of the cabinetry units. Use a level and wedges to set the cabinets level against the wall and the floor.

Thereby, adding to conclusion to the task of installation is that, that the process is simple and easy only if you take accurate dimensions, appropriate handy tools and help of one or two people.


The interior decoration of laundry room is commonly ignored and overlooked primarily for the reason that, it is not in general observed by any person except the family members. The most important purpose in the wake of the designing of laundry rooms would be, to act like a storage way out for dryer, ironing board and washer. In progress laundry area can mess up the all round really feel of the property?

These days, far more and more men and women are flipping over to a laundry room cabinet for the most part because these might be very easily decorated. The most excellent part is that you can use custom-made cabinets to suit your particular necessities. When it comes to a laundry room cabinet which is custom made created, you would be accountable to select your own substance, colors and other issues called for to create it. Probably you can take pleasure in a variety of advantages by way of install a laundry room cabinet in your house. These cabinets will keep up the ideal of the laundry appliances hide bottles, boxes and also serve as decorative locations. Creation of a laundry room cabinet is not a difficult task. On the other hand, you need to choose the idea of using the place and several issues you desire to store from the structure.

Firstly, the setting of your appliances is required. Finally, imply the cabinet. Thereafter, you’ll be able to make use of them as structures for storing dirty clothes, for craft rooms, etc. You can find numerous processes it is possible to consider help of when creating a laundry room cabinet. You perhaps can bring into play your personal design to build one.

Washing chambers could be installed to hide washer, ironing board and dryer. Some times in lots of homes the laundry area also acts like a mud area. If that’s applicable for your loved ones, laundry cabinets will put forward a brilliant place to tidy away their wet dirty footwear before entering the drawing room or kitchen of the house. Metal cabinets put forward a far-fetched solution for any human being who’s looking for much more storage space, but the main benefit of purchasing a steel storage laundry room cabinet may be the trouble-free fact that steel is really hard-hitting. Most metal cabinets are produced from stainless steel, which implies they could lasts for many years with no rusting. That is where metal storage cabinets do better than wooden and plastic storage options, as they put on out a lot much more swiftly than their steel counterparts.

Because there are so many poles apart options, you should make clear in you’re mind you shop around before settling on any type of cabinet. Storage is really a long-lasting remedy and mainly because you’ll call for, to live with it for years to reach your destination, you ought to select a design and shape you’re completely pleased with. The design or material so selected for the cabinet should be as good as your home.


The laundry room cabinets are the ideal vehicle for defining your personal style in your laundry rooms. Think of them as decorations and accents that improve the look and feel of dull and gray areas of your home by combining four essential elements:

  • Sophistication
  • Attractive
  • Spacious
  • Lively

So if can’t decide among the various options available for laundry room cabinets, I am sure this piece of information is going to help you a lot. Mix and match of the materials, fabrics and colors with right combination can make your laundry room lively and beautiful.

The type of material used for your cabinets are made of ,is the key factor for how they look and how they’ll stand up to daily use. It is always essential to maintain a balance between style and cabinetry materials. When talking about the most common material, it is wood. As wood is easily available it reduces the pressure of cost or the expense. There variety of woods available ranging from teak to birch. You can select any depending upon your budget and requirement. To a list a few:

  • Red Oak: The red oak cabinets give your laundry room a classic look as well as provide years of reliable use. This wood is hard durable and inexpensive when compared to other varieties.
  • White Oak: This wood type is stronger than its red counterpart. It beautifully adds period look to your room. A White cabinetry for storage brings out a new look.
  • Hard Maple: This material is ideal for contemporary and traditional feel. It is a fine-grain and light-color wood a little more expensive than oak but less dense.
  • Cherry: This material is easiest to work on and with. It is expensive because of its smooth grain pattern and rich warm color.  It is durable hardwood but tends to darken with age.
  • Walnut: It is most common type of material in furniture making. Walnut is a strong, hard and durable wood that carves and holds its shape well. Walnut should have a straight grain, which a clear coat of urethane will accentuate. Stains may make the grain less noticeable.
  • Birch: This wood type is slightly darker than maple. It is a fine-grain and durable wood type. It takes faux cherry or maple look, when it is stained. It is prone to irregular coloring. This irregular coloring makes it inexpensive.
  • Pine: Pine is softwood and dents easily when compared to others.  Moreover it is susceptible to staining is the only softwood. It is used for country style and traditional cabinetry.
  • Ash: This wood material has similar strength and durability to oak. It is used to give cabinetry a clear or a natural finish. It has a light color and a more pronounced figure.
  • Mahogany: The best characteristics of this material are smoothness, stability, durability and the warm tone. It gives elegant and sophisticated looks to your laundry room cabinets. This wood type holds medium level hardness.

Considering the types of materials along with their availability, durability and cost you may select the best.


What exactly do you think is a laundry room? Well the answers could be:

  • A utility room where clothes are washed.
  • It is an area where daily house chores are performed.
  • Laundry room serves as a mudroom for the cleaning activities of home.
  • A room where clothes are washed and dried.
  •  A dumping ground for cleaning supplies, an arts and crafts supply area.

By analyzing the above mentioned answers one could get that how important a laundry area of a house is! No wonder the area where the clothes are washed is very important. Also from the above definitions the laundry area may sound has dull and uninteresting area of house.  But this area of the home needs to be more organized. The laundry room works in the fullness of time, so organization takes priority. Here are our tips on how to make the most of your multipurpose space.

  • Utilization of the area: No matter your washer and dryer are tucked in a tiny area or are settled in a spacious room or basement, utilization of each square inch is of utmost. To avoid cluttered look the shelving must be minimum. It gives simpler manage men.
  • Enough Drawers:  There should be enough drawers to hide the necessary and unnecessary supplies. Mask unsightly laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and any other products that look like messy clutter in fronted laundry room cabinets.
  • Use of colors to beautify: Use of colors to enhance the beauty and charm of laundry room is a wonderful idea. To make it more wonderful the colors used should complement both the laundry room cabinets and the walls.
  • Space designation: Each activity performed here shall have designated space. Dedicated spaces for washing, drying, cleaning, hanging and dedicated area with a rod to iron. The space label adds sophistication to the laundry room.
  • Curtains to cover up: To make the laundry room lively curtains could be used. The key thing to be kept in mind is that color of curtain shall compliment the color of laundry room cabin.
  • Utilization: The space above the cabinet can be used to store and organize detergent, dryer sheets, and other laundry essentials.
  • Storage counter: Rather than using the baskets to keep the dirty and clean laundry. A storage counter can be customized in the laundry room cabinet. This would help to keep the large and unattractive laundry baskets off the floor.
  •  An iron station: Many cabinets have inbuilt iron stations, but one always follows the traditional way. Keep all of your ironing supplies convenient and in one place.  Ironing board systems can be easily hidden behind a cabinet door or over-the-door iron and board hangers that are designed to hold any style of ironing board.
  • Decoration of Laundry room: If you have the lavishness of having a roomy laundry room, use it as a place to show off favorite items. This room’s can be a combination of beautiful laundry room cabinets and attractive decors.


The perfect way to get function and ease of your laundry space is to buy a laundry room cabinet.  This is an excellent way to make best use of laundry room.  These not only overcome the space issues but enhance your laundry rooms’ appearance, add value to your home and improve how your room’s functions.

When considering remodeling your laundry room, you should opt for these cabinets as they can count for more than a half of the total expenditure. This small investment can transform your laundry room into a trendy, extremely resourceful and structured multifunctional space. There is ample variety of styles, sizes and functions of these cabinets are available in the market. Selecting a cabinet from the available options may add confusion in your mind. Which style, material or the accessory to select?
This article could help you understand the many factors to consider so you can feel confident you’re picking out the laundry room cabinets that best meet your individual style and storage needs. You may also find this information helpful in selecting cabinets for other areas of your home, such as bathrooms, kitchens and entertainment rooms, to name just a few.

  • 1: Proper measurement of the space: You should be very well aware of the dimensions of the available space. It is very easy to measure width, height and length of the space you have to add cabinets to, using a tape.
  • 2: Anticipation of the function: You should be clear in your mind what all functionalites or the features are desired from the cabinets. To name a few, storage of clothes, ironing rod or board, bins, odds and ends or other needs you may have for this space.
  • 3: Analysis for the material: There are ample of materials available for the choice of cabinets. You need to think what material is best for your home. As each material needs to be taken care of and each demands to be bothered. Look at the materials available including wood, laminate, pressboard or other materials you have available to you both online and in local retailers. You can also consider color, wood grain, style, hardware and overall appeal to give you an idea of what is available.
  • 4: Blueprinting: Before buying the laundry room cabinet, you need to make a blueprint of what is exactly desired by yourself. It is kind of sketching the ideas.  All you have to do is draw out the ideas and thoughts in your mind. This would help to get best option available. With all the ideas of what is available to you fresh in your mind, consider which cabinets you would like, what sizes are appropriate and layout the design so you know exactly what you need, taking size into consideration.
  • 5: Finally buy: You can either buy the laundry room cabinets online or from a local retailer. Make the vendor clear with your requirements and specifications. Get high quality, reliable and consistent cabinets that serve your purpose well.


Gone are the days when laundry rooms were gray and dull. These rooms were often ignored by interior designers or the decorators. It need not be boring and lifeless anymore, where you throw your dirty clothes. We all want the laundry room to have functionality and be as attractive as rest of the home. The room for laundry shall not compromise at the hands of beautification.

In old days the ideal place for the dryer to vent out was basement. This was the main reason for the laundry rooms to be located in the basement. In the modern days, things have changed. People have opted for laundry rooms on the main level of the houses making them more comfortable with pleasant and cheerful decor. With fresh look and clean Laundry room cabinets can brand mark your haven for clean clothes and stylish organization? These cabinets make your room look attractive to eyes.

Laundry Room Cabinets transforms a managerial solution into attractive built-ins that perfectly matches your style. It would help organize all your laundry room and accessories and products. It could store baskets, hampers, wire shelves and multiple drawers. These cabinets are simply lifestyle solution adding functionality, value and appeal to a boring corner of your home, which is indeed an essential corner.

  • Also these are problem solver for storage space for clothes and for the different laundry cleaning substances, bleach and others. One might not be able to look out for the exact size, type or design for desired cabinets. Therefore, there is the possibility to have them customized making it able to fit the on hand space, aesthetics and your requirement. Laundry rooms cabinets can also include a wide array of helpful accessories and can be made using a variety of materials, including melamine, laminate and veneers. Custom laundry room cabinets can be designed to look and feel the way you want them and to provide exactly what you need. Including adequate storage in the laundry room planning is a must and laundry room cabinets are an unproblematic and easy solution. You can make your laundry room blend like a continuation of the house and there are a lot of people that can help you design it the way you want it and then build it to the exact specifications.

 Sometimes, I may happen that you can’t find the cabinet you want or you looked. In such situation one can always opt for custom cabinets. You can always choose the material, be it steel, wood, etc. You have endless options if you choose to get a custom cabinet, they are made to exact specifications and you get to select the material, design, accessories and finishes. Custom cabinets seamlessly enhance and celebrate the beauty of your home, they allow the ultimate freedom to create storage and space solutions that personalize your living space. Based on how they’re built and the degree of customization. With the exclusive laundry room cabinets, you can get the quality your home deserves.


Commonly a normal storage cabinet helps our most used kitchen materials, papers, etc. Each material used in business, clothes or other things we talk out needs to be managed. Each time you have to store some supplies, you will have to look for the exact type of cabinets that will efficiently and safely store what you need to be stored.  If you are particularly looking for laundry room cabinets, this article will give you information and tricks to be kept in mind.

On an average people spend around thirty two or more hours a month in a laundry room, which makes it 32*12=384 hours in a year. Still spending loads of time, they keep the place dull or uninteresting. One would always feel hesitant to spend a little more in the laundry room performing the household chores. All you have to do is make little research about laundry room cabinets and buy or customize the make best use of storage. This article will help you a lot. We all aware of the fact that storage space is very important and critical, when it comes to our laundry room, the best and easiest solution would be laundry room cabinets. Now days the laundry rooms are no more located in the basement. You can find them on the first or the second floors of the home.

Laundry room cabinets can be made using many materials, such materials are steel, wooden, laminate, veneers and even melamine. Any material you will choose, your laundry room cabinet will transform your laundry room into an organized room to say at least. Each and everyone want to decorate their laundry rooms exactly as they decorated the kitchens. The laundry room often gets neglected. The interior decoration of laundry room is commonly ignored and overlooked primarily for the reason that, it is not in general observed by any person except the family members.  This can be easily done taking benefit of the custom made cabinets services available both online and offline. Everything can be customized from choosing anything to everything, from materials, colors to anything you can think of, this way you will be able to have the look and feel of the cabinets exactly as you need and wish them.

We all know that installation of new laundry room cabinets is tough task. The solution to the tough task is with the dealer from whom you will buy the cabinet. You can ask the dealer for it, and they will be happy to help you with after sales service as well. Now days the dealers face strong competition, they serve their customers in best possible way. Not only attend them but provide help in installation process. Also give them awesome after sales service. Sometimes first two services or the cleaning of these cabinets are free of charge. The regular cleaning makes the life of the material long and healthy. Once the laundry room cabinets is installed, you will realize how functional, well designed and ready to use.


In old days adding value to your home, enhancing your laundry rooms ‘appearance and improvement in its functionality was really an expensive task. It would require loads of money and efforts to make it look, the way you desire it to.  This process has always been a added burden to ones’ wallet. The new Laundry Room Cabinets have proven to reduce the added burden.

Some steps to follow:

A proper analysis of requirement and availability shall be conducted. Laundry Room Cabinets being the sizable investment, a few actions should be performed to obtain the desirable results. Explore cabinet style and become familiar with the different types and designs of cabinets available.

  • How-to-Measure Guide will be needed to measure your room laundry  and draw up a floor plan so you’ll have an inspiration of the kinds of cabinets you’ll require, how many and their fairly accurate dimensions.
  • Budget setting is very important task as well.
  • Evaluate your floor plan and budget with a laundry room designer, who can help you find the just right cabinets to fit your kitchen, lifestyle and budget FREE.

 Features to Look For

Before buying the cabinet, you need to think and analyze the features for the cabinets. You should pen down the features you are looking for. Listed below are some construction details to look for that help assure you get the most out of your investment:

  • Box – Solid frames created of solid wood or furniture-grade plywood offer the utmost and best quality. Medium-density fiberboard and particleboard are used in a few instances, but should be above a rating to avoid deformation. The important thing is that the back of the cabinet should solid.
  • Drawers – High-quality drawers have solid wood sides, dovetail joints and plywood or hardwood bottoms set in impressions on all four sides.
  • Drawer hardware – Drawers that pull out to three-quarters or full extension present easy access to the back of the drawer. Soft-close characteristics keep drawers from flapping down shut and pinching fingers, a feature to regard as for families with small children.
  • Doors – High-quality doors have a solid wood frame adjoining a solid wood or plywood panel.

The next step in choosing your cabinets is to settle on the types of cabinets you need.

Cabinet Types

Kitchen cabinets fall into three broad categories.

  • Base Cabinets rest on the floor and support a tabletop. They comprise of one drawer with doors and shelves below, or three to four arranged drawers. Specialized versions of base cabinets include sink and corner bases.
  • Wall Cabinets hang on the wall with standard heights are 12”, 15”, 18”, 30”, 36” and 42”. Wall cabinets can be installed with or without a wall soffit. They’re typically installed 18” above counter-tops and 54” above the finished floor, and 24” above the dryer or the washer. The height that works best for you depends on how tall you are and the laundry ceiling height. Custom cabinets offer a wider variety of widths and heights.
  • Tall Cabinets are ideal for narrow spaces too small for a cabinet and a counter. They are a popular choice for pantries, can be 84”-94” tall and come in standard base and wall cabinet depths of 12”-18”. Tall cabinets provide plenty of convenient space dirty clothes, and even small appliances like vacuums..
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